14 11 2012


I’m Meg a.k.a Megknitficent. I’m a 30 something crafter living in Vancouver, B.C. I began knitting in 2007 as something to do on my 1.5 hour commute to work. At the time I had been at my job a year, was single and living in the suburbs. Since then I’ve moved several times, landing in a more central suburb, gotten married and had a baby. Time flies doesn’t it? My commute is now thankfully much shorter but the knitting addiction remains strong. My home plays host to a yarn breeding ground, also known as my stash. That’s the only explanation; the skeins must be multiplying as I sleep. I like to knit a lot of different things and I guess you could say I am a project harlot. Startitis isn’t a disease, it’s a lifestyle.

I learned to sew in 2012 so I could be that mom that sews Halloween costumes and mends clothes for her kids. I had that mom, it was cool. I’ve taken a few classes at a local store Spool of Thread and I’m trying to approach sewing the way I approached knitting when I was starting out: without fear. There is no harm in trying something challenging. If it doesn’t work out, at worst you’re out some fabric and some time and at best you’ll get something you love.

I spin, though not as much as I’d like. I have a Lendrum double treadle and a beloved litter of spindles. I am much more of a process spinner than a product one. I rarely knit with my handspun and mostly just enjoy the act of turning fluff into yarn. It’s a pretty cool trick.

I envision this blog as a place where I can talk about a lot of the creative stuff that I do rather than being limited to one or two crafts.

Other cast members (names have been altered to protect the innocent).

Andrew – husband extraordinaire. Ask me about the time he agreed to take a detour on our honeymoon to visit the Wollmeise Store in Pfaffenhofen (note that Munich is a pretty big detour from Italy) and then carted a bag of yarn around the rest of the trip.

Ava – baby daughter, purveyor of cuteness, reluctant model.




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