A Fairy Gnomey Birthday

14 11 2012

fairy baby

My daughter turned one earlier this month and we threw her a birthday party with a woodland theme. I’m pretty proud of how a lot of it turned out so I wanted to share it with you.

Toadstool Smash Cake

smash cake

This was one of the first times I’ve made and decorated a cake and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. I used the Giant Cupcake baking tin from Michaels (40% off coupon for the win). I made a pumpkin spice cake to make things less sweet and made a buttercream icing. I used the gel icing colours to get the red and I am quite pleased to have achieved actual red vs pink (ask me about my pseudo-nephew’s fuschia barn cake lol). I turned the bottom upside down and carved it to make it a little more rounded. I trimmed a little bit off the top too. I iced the two halves separately to avoid getting red icing on the white stem. The white dots are gum paste.

Gnome and Fairy Gumpaste Figures

It took some practice to figure out what I was doing and my first few attempts ended up in the trash but I think the final ones are pretty cute. I used gel icing to colour the bits of gumpaste I needed. I found that putting the coloured gumpaste in ziplocs when I wasn’t using them kept them from trying out as I molded each piece individually. It was a messy job and I was constantly washing my hands. I used this tutorial for the fairy. The gnome I made up by looking at google images of garden gnomes.

Table Tutu

table tutu
I got the idea on Pinterest (of course) but a lot of the tutorials were for more permanent tables and therefore required more materials and were more labour intensive. I made mine more quick and dirty. I got about 1.5 as much tulle as I needed to go around the whole table. I didn’t want a really full tutu, especially since I was working with a 6 foot table. I got 18 feet of purple ribbon (enough to go around the table) and used my sewing machine to sew the tulle on. Basically I just sewed really slowly, gathering the tulle as I went. Then all I needed to do when we got to the venue was tape it onto the table. I did discover that it was a bit long for the height of the table but it worked out all right.

Woodland cupcakes
The toadstool cupcakes were the pumpkin spice cake batter again, iced with red buttercream and white chocolate chips for the dots. I would have liked them to rise more for a more toadstooly look but the recipe I used was a bit dense I think. They were yummy though. The mini cupcakes were pumpkin cupcakes iced with green icing using the Wilton grass tip. The little toadstools were made from gumpaste. The cupcake stand was made from two wood boards procured at Michaels and spray-painted toilet paper rolls for the stands.

Toadstool Tomatoes

I apparently forgot to get a photo of these. This was another Pinterest inspiration. These were grape tomatoes cut in half and mini boccocini balls attached with toothpicks. Drizzled with olive oil and a bit of basil. Caprese salad on a stick!

Gnome Thank You Cards

gnome card
Paper pieced together from scrapbook paper. Cut out all the little pieces (with help from my mom) and assembled them like a little puzzle using pop dots, which are little pieces of thick tape so the paper sticks out from the surface.

Toadstool Bags

toadstool bags
I used the In Color pattern. There is a free tutorial for a larger bag. I have the full PDF pattern that includes multiple sizes. I love this bag pattern. I made my first couple when I was very new at sewing and was able to follow her instructions with ease. I used the Snack size bag. The bags included little gnome soaps made by my sister at Little Bird’s Bath.

I’m pretty pleased with my DIYing on this party. There were a couple of ideas I didn’t manage to execute because I came down with the plague a few days before the party. Luckily my husband stepped in to help.




One response

20 02 2013
Barbara J.

Loved your gnomey birthday theme! Looks like you had a lot of fun pulling it all together. Hope you’ve recuperated and are feeling much better!

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