Red Robyn Hood

8 05 2013

Red Robyn Hood


A couple of years ago I made my sister a Central Park Hoodie for Christmas. She loved it and wore it
often. Unfortunately my dad accidentally tossed it in the wash. There is a reason why Cascade 220 is a
popular choice for felting projects! That was the end of that sweater. My sister was suitably bereft so I
decided I would make her another sweater but I’d be hedging my bets and using superwash.


She requested the Melia pattern from Ysolda Teague’s Little Red in the City. No big surprise, she’s
always loved capes. I wanted to knit the pattern anyway so I was happy with the choice. I decided to use
Madeline Tosh Vintage in Tart. A lot of people have commented that I must really love my sister to make
her a sweater out of such nice yarn. Not that I don’t really love my sister but the truth is that I chose the
yarn because I wanted to use something I wanted to work with. I knew going in that this sweater was
going to be a lot of knitting and I wanted to enjoy the yarn I was using.

I always love working with Ysolda’s patterns. Her instructions are clear and you can tell she really thinks
about the construction of her pieces. Melia is a seamless, top down cardigan. It’s knit from the top of
the hood down and the hood is shaped using short rows. This is the first time I’d knit a hood with this
sort of construction and I was a little confused at first but trust the pattern; it does work.

The cable edging pattern is simple but charming. There is a lot of stockinette in between the cabled
edges and at times it felt quite tedious, especially after it got too big to cart around for bus knitting. I
took a few breaks from the project to knit something else and break up the monotony. That’s another
reason to use nice yarn. I find that knitting with yarn I love makes plain stockinette a lot more pleasant.

I alternated skeins every other row. I know there are a lot of schools of thought on alternating hand
dyed yarns and when it is necessary. Personally I always err on the side of alternating. I don’t find it all
that annoying to do and I’d much rather deal with alternating than discover an obvious colour change
further down the road. To each their own though.

I’m very happy with how it turned out. My sister is as well. I’m also very glad to have such a big project
off the needles.




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