Little Mermaid Dress

29 05 2013

I can already tell that I love sewing for kids. It is so satisfying. I can say to myself on Friday afternoon “Ava needs a new dress” and have one done by Sunday afternoon. Considering how fast they grow this speed is very helpful. It’s also a great way to wet my feet with new techniques. At the end of the day she isn’t going to wear anything I make for very long so I feel like I can be a bit less stressed out about mistakes. 


I found this mermaid fabric at my local sewing store, Spool of Thread and couldn’t resist. It’s from the Storyboek II collection by Birch Fabrics. The colour is also from the same collection. When I saw it I knew I wanted it to be a cute little summer dress. I flipped through the Simplicity pattern catalogue and came across Simplicity 2614, a simple little dress. Perfect. 

The construction of the dress was easy enough. It was actually my first time sewing in a centered zipper, usually I use invisible but the instructions were clear. I had a few mishaps where I needed to unpick and re-sew because I wasn’t paying attention or taking the time to think through each step. I noticed that I get easily frustrated when I have to unpick which seems a bit odd because I don’t mind ripping back knitting too much unless it’s a lot of ripping and when I have to fix something in sewing I can get back to where I was much faster. 


These were only the second sleeves I’ve set in. The first were on the dragon costume I made her for Halloween and the fabric was fuzzy and good about hiding mistakes. I’m pretty happy with them. 

I originally intended to put a contrasting band of fabric at the hem but as you can see the dress is already a little long on my little pixie (even after cutting off a couple of inches of the main fabric to accomodate the contrast) so I left it off. I’m still debating whether I want to add a contrasting sash instead. 

I’m really happy with this dress actually. It came together nicely. It was fun to sew and the instructions weren’t difficult to follow. And the results are adorable!




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