First Quilt!

9 08 2013

I just finished taking a Beginner Quilting class at Spool of Thread. The class was one of my eventual goals



When I took my first introductory class there over a year ago so I was excited to finally be able to take it. The timing worked out nicely too because the class ran over four evenings in July and I wanted to make a quilt for a baby due in August.


It was a fun class, in no small part because it’s fun to spend a few hours sewing with other people. That’s one thing knitting has over sewing. I often make knitting into a social activity and it’s harder to do that with sewing. It was really fun to see all the different fabric combinations people chose.


The pattern uses strip piecing to assemble the top and then sashing is added. I found the cutting to be the most intimidating part because it’s so final. You can’t just undo cutting. That part took me longer than it did some people because I was very very nervous about making a mistake.

After the top was assembled and the borders attached it was time for quilting! Yay. I can’t be the only newbie quilter to be sort of surprised by how much work is left after the quilt top is finished. Once my top was done it felt like the finish was so close. Haha! Nope. We used the stitch in the ditch method for the quilting. I have to admit my stitching is only in the ditch-ish. I had a difficult time combining accuracy with even stitches. I’m sure that will come with practice.


Sewing the binding was the last class. I don’t know about others but I actually quite enjoy handstitching. I find it quite meditative and I like that I can do it anywhere (why yes I was the strange girl hand-sewing binding to a quilt on the bus).

I finished it all up at knitting this week and while it is full of mistakes I’m still proud of it. I used fabrics from the Robotic Collection from Birch Fabrics. I chose these fabrics because I wanted something fun and playful but not baby-ish. Since the quilt is larger than your typical baby quilt I didn’t want fabrics that screamed baby in order to give it some longevity. I also didn’t want it to be too obviously intended for a boy because a/ I have a bit of hostility towards the tendency to colour code little children and b/ I wanted to make it more versatile. These fabrics were also an homage to the notyet-born’s parents who are an engineer and a scientist. The borders and sashing are a yellow Kona.


I’m already thinking about my next quilt but I’ve got some other projects planned that I should tackle first.




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