Raspberry Sorbetto

9 08 2013


As often happens when I finish a big project, especially a big project with a deadline, after finishing the dress and the quilt I wanted a quick project. Enter the Sorbetto tank by Colette. This is a free downloadable pattern which was perfect for an instant gratification project. I printed and assembled the pattern one evening before bed so that it would be ready to use on the weekend.

I had some pink poly-satin in mind for the top, something inexpensive and easy-care. I viewed this project as a kind of wearable muslin. I intend to make more of these, perhaps several in a variety of colours. The basic shell is a good wardrobe staple. Once my daughter went down for her nap on Monday (a holiday in most parts of Canada) I got to work.


There are only two pieces so cutting was easy. When I sat down to sew I realized I didn’t have any pink thread. I didn’t really want to take time out of sewing to go to the store so I used white instead. The assembly was pretty quick and in no time I’d sewn the pleat, darts and side and shoulder seams. I was too lazy to make my own bias binding and I didn’t have anything that matched so again, I went with white. Did I mention that I was after a low-effort project? I’m not sure I love the contrast between the pink and the white, especially since the binding is matte and the satin is shiny but it’s okay. By the end of nap all that remained was the hem, which had to wait until I could get some pink thread.

White thread was all well and good on the inside but wasn’t going to work for the hem. I picked up some pink at the fabric store near my office on Tuesday so I could finish.

I finished it up yesterday. I’m pretty pleased though it’s definitely more of a wearable muslin. I’ll get some use out of it but I think a couple of changes will make it a better garment. For the next one I’ll change the position and length of the darts. In hindsight I should have thought to do this before since the pattern is drafted for a C cup and I am more of a B and I’ve never not had to move bust darts. I initially thought I might want to add some length. For some reason, even though I have a short torso I always feel like tops are too short. I suspect this is a product of always wearing rtw stuff that is too long. I wore this to work the day after I finished it though and I didn’t find myself tugging at it or feeling like it was too short.

All in all, the project really fit the bill of something I could whip up in a short period of time before moving on to my next big project.




2 responses

25 08 2013
ms. modiste

I found the darts on this pattern to be incredibly long as well, and I have the opposite bust-adjustment as you, being a G-cup. It seems like a lot of people have noticed this with this pattern! I think I took at least an inch off them. I also had to lower them, but I’m assuming you might want to raise them? (In the photos they look good as they are, height-wise, but I know photos can be deceiving.)

26 08 2013

Yea I think they should come up a bit. It’s not super obvious in person either but when I make another I’ll play with the darts a little more.

From reading blogs in seems that a lot of people need to make a fair bit of fitting tweaks to Colette Patterns. If I had to guess I’d say that’s because people are used to sewing with Big 4 body shape and with time probably know exactly what changes to make to those patterns, possibly without even thinking much about it, whereas the indie patterns you’re starting over as far as which changes are needed.

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