Rainy Day Lady Grey

9 10 2013

Rainy Day Lady Grey



Summer doesn’t offer a lot of guarantees here in Vancouver. The weather does get warmer and it rains less but the key there is often the less. Some summers are pretty crappy. This summer though was glorious. Record breaking dryspell and perfect temperatures. It was the kind of summer that tricks you into thinking fall isn’t around the corner.

Fall has indeed arrived here on the wet coast, or, as I have taken to calling it, the season of greyscale. You see around here, once the grey skies and rainy days show up, they may not go away again for many months. This is why this time of year I need colour more than ever. I will never understand why the default colours for rainy day wear are black, grey, brown and taupe. Nope. I need colour to help me through the grey season. Last spring I was on the hunt for a colourful raincoat that was also a little more formal than my utilitarian Stormtech, something I could put on over a dress for going out dinner and such. Not that I do that much but I find there are big gaps in my wardrobe for more formal outerwear. Anyway, I did find one in the perfect shade of light teal/dark turquoise but it was a/ more than I really wanted to spend and b/ not quite the style I was after. I didn’t buy it but regretted it a week later. I tried to go back and find it but either I was misremembering the store I saw it in or, thanks to fast fashion, it was already gone. Boo.

Never fear! This is why I learned to sew. So I could make the things I couldn’t find in stores. I scoured the Internet for fabric and came out with some nylon raincoating in just the colour I was searching for along with some rayon challis print for the lining. I settled on the Lady Grey pattern from Colette. It’s a striking shape and I actually like that it doesn’t have a hood. Something about hoods always makes things feel more casual to me. This will be the rain coat I wear while carrying a snazzy umbrella or wearing an awesome hat.

I originally started this back in early June, made a few muslins and got the fit sorted out but then I had a couple of deadline projects to complete. Besides, who wants to sew a rain coat in the summer? That’s like admitting that the warm weather won’t last! I picked the project back up in August. It went pretty smoothly, even though it is labeled “advanced” and I am much more of a novice. The instructions are very clear and between those and Gertie’s sew-along posts from a few years ago I was able to figure out what I needed to do.


I did not do any of the tailoring Gertie did in the sew-along. I was going to but my fabric is really too thin for that. I sewed the coat as written, including the top stitching and used fusible interfacing. I’ll save the tailoring for a heavier coat. I did have some trouble setting in the sleeves. No matter what I did I could not get them eased in without gathers. I think it might be the fabric I used. It really has no give to it at all. So I gathered them on purpose. Still not my finest job of sleeves but luckily the big collar and lapels help hide minor issues.

I did have some trouble with the hem. That was my own fault. I didn’t really understand how to gather the hem to account for the difference in width. I ended up ripping out my first attempt but then I found the Gertie video on the subject and that made a huge difference. 


Overall I’m really proud of myself with this project. I definitely learned a lot and I’m really glad I decided

to take on the challenge.




One response

9 10 2013
ms. modiste

It’s awesome! Good for you!! Love the colour.

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