Completed: Sewaholic Thurlows

10 04 2016

I made pants!


I am ridiculously excited about this. Pants intimidated me and sewing dresses with fun fabrics just seems more fun. But there is no denying that pants make up a big part of my work wardrobe and since I want to move towards having a mostly me made wardrobe I was going to need to learn how to sew them.

I often find that if I am intimidated by/scared of something the best approach is to just jump in and not think too much about being intimidated. So that’s what I did. I decided to use the Sewaholic Thurlow pattern partly because that’s a local pattern company (yay local) and also because Lauren at Lladybird did a great series of tutorials for a sewalong a few years ago and take a lot of mystery out of some of the trickier parts. Having those tutorials gave me the confidence to forge ahead.

So let’s talk fit. Choosing a size was a bit of a challenge. Sewaholic patterns are designed for pear-shaped figures and while I am wider in the hips than anywhere else, I am just not that curvy. My waist measurement put me at an 8 and my hips more like a 2. My first muslin was an 8 and boy oh boy, it was huge. Lauren mentioned going by the finished measurements so I went by that and chose a 4. That worked much better. In fact the only alteration I made before cutting was to shorten the legs by 1.5 inches. After the pants were completed I ended up taking in the center back seam about half an inch more.

I quite enjoyed making these. The instructions are clear and if you are a total newbie to things like fly zippers and welt pockets, the sewalong tutorials are great and include a lot of pictures. The stretch suiting I chose ended up having A LOT more stretch than I expected so that was less than ideal (note, pay more attention to that in the future) but the pants came out better than I thought. I’m now going to take a break and sew some quick and easy stuff for a bit but I already have fabric for pair number 2.



What projects have you been afraid to try? Go do them!





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